The key to understanding biology is understanding basic biology concepts. Biology teachers should have a well-rounded education. Students are provided knowledge on understanding the biology terminology, identifying the characteristics of living organisms, and the classification of living organisms.

“Learning by doing is a cardinal principle of teaching Biology” Practical work is an essential component of learning Biology. The department of biology has well equipped lab where all practical work related to high school and higher secondary school level are carried out and enable the students to develop proper skills in handling equipment and manual.

  • To become efficient biology teachers, the students are encouraged to do the activities like Preparation of demonstration and instructional card.
  • Collection of Poster and Herbarium. Displaying daily news about biology in bulletin board. Field trips are arranged to Botanical Park and Zoological Park.
  • Science forum is organized to discuss latest discoveries and inventions on biology and to obtain knowledge about latest noble laureates of biology.
  • Science club is established to motivate the students to exhibit their contribution on science exhibition.
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